VR LOGISTIC - The Center of Logistics and Customs Services

Our freight and logistics company has been providing a full range of logistics services since 2001. 15 years of working experience on many international routes have allowed us to establish a wide range of representative offices in different regions of Russia and abroad, taking logistics service to a new level.

Logistics service and customs clearance are the main services provided by VR LOGISTIC – a logistics company. How do we clear different products groups within the whole territory of the Russian Federation? Our clients receive quality service through our experience.

Express container train from ChinaForwarding terminal DVTG in Zabaikalsk

Customs clearance

VR LOGISTIC customs broker provides a full range of services in order to prepare client’s goods for customs clearance including receiving approvals and licenses, product certification, draft customs classification decisions and expert reports.


VR LOGISTIC company arranges and conducts various types of transportation in any direction. We will deliver your cargo at any place of the world at minimum expense and as soon as possible.



VR LOGISTIC company processes the conformity certificates of goods (products) according to the standards, technical requirements, formulae and other statutory documents of the Russian Federation.


VR LOGISTIC company arranges approval of goods conformity with Russian National Standards, contract conditions, other statutory and technical documents that are required to be provided in the Russian Federation.



VR LOGISTIC company provides insurance for all categories of cargo during its freight using various types of transport over all distances including loading, unloading and reloading.

Warehousing logistics

VR LOGISTIC company provides a complete solution for consignment storage and consolidation of goods in Russia, China, America and Europe.